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Getting in touch with your market has never been so important. Now, with TheirInbox, it's never been so easy.

Create an account with one easy step and reach your subscribers in their inbox.

  • Auto Responders

    Setup email series based on triggers such as email clicks or subscriber info.

  • Recurring Email Campaign

    Schedule recurring emails to be sent, such as Every Friday. Fetch email content remotely.

  • Smart Segments

    Create smart segments based on subscriber activity. Use these segments to target your emails.

  • Subscription Form Designer

    Design your subscription form on the fly and get new subscribers from your website on the fly.

  • A/B Testing

    Run a/b tests on your emails and let TheirInbox decide the winning email based on conditions.

  • Email Marketing Reports

    Track email opens, link clicks, canceled subscriptions, invalid email addresses and spam complaints.

  • Bounced Email Handling

    Monitor and identify bounced email addresses, filter them from your user lists and keep your reputation maximized.

  • Spam Complaint Processing

    Enroll in Hotmail JMRP and other FBL programs and detect spam complaints instantly. Keep these emails away from your user lists.

Why choose TheirInbox

We’re built on a solid platform

  • Powerful email delivery system
  • Dozens of email templates
  • Advanced tracking and statistics
  • Unmatched support and customer service
  • Easy to use campaign management
  • Intuitive list management
  • Servers hosted by a tire 1 provider
  • 1st class email delivery partners
  • Extremely high deliverability rate
  • Software continuously optimized
  • Developer API available
  • Almost limitless integration opportunities

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